Renting out your home doesn't need to be stressful, you just need the right team behind you

Tenant find & rent collection service
The 'tenant find' and 'rent collection' service suits a landlord that has the time to deal with tenants and their requests but would like support with the administrative and/or financial duties.

How it works
We charge a set-up fee for finding the tenant, assisting with the preparation of the property, interviewing and referencing the tenant and drawing up the necessary agreements.

The monthly commission for the rent collection service is less than our fully managed service as the landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the property. Harvey Richards & West Lettings will be responsible for collecting the rent and making the payment to the landlord by BACS.

Please remember that we will always be able to help during your tenancy and offer additional services should you require them.

Full Management
In addition to our 'tenant find' and 'rent collection' service, we offer a comprehensive property management service to landlords who would rather not have the stress and inconvenience often created by the day to day management of an ongoing tenancy.

How it works
You will have our dedicated team with you from start to finish. We will do everything as stated for the tenant find and rent collection service but you will also have our experienced property management department who will be responsible for maintaining an ongoing relationship with the tenant, ensuring rent is paid on time, regular inspections are carried out and the general terms of tenancy are being upheld.

In addition to these basic requirements, we also have a maintenance team that is responsible for dealing with any maintenance issues that arise and ensuring all relevant legal requirements and safety procedures have been met. Having the maintenance team in house means that all repairs are completed quickly and more cost effective to you.

Please call our office to make an appointment so we can discuss all the options and provide a service that is right for you.

Our fees are simple.

We charge you £300 plus VAT (£360) for the set up of a tenancy.

Rent collection
Monthly fee - 6% plus VAT (7.2%) of rental income

Full Management
Monthly fee - 10% plus VAT (12%) of rental income

We also have additional services that we offer to our let only and rent collection landlords should you ever need them. Please contact the lettings team for a breakdown of this bespoke service.

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